Get Out Of My Way Ignorant Fools!

It’s Monday morning and time for a moan. Perhaps I deserve a rubbish Monday morning due to having an excellent Sunday down the Oakford. It must be karma! And I thought I behaved myself, relatively speaking. I know I didn’t go to church this week. The thing I really want to moan about I am going to try to resist for a little longer due to the public nature of the internet and that it would probably not be to my benefit, but anyone who knows me well won’t take too long to guess what it is seeing as I was in a fairly good mood this morning despite a lack of sleep and slight hangover, and come mid-morning I am not so happy. But I expect to be in a better mood again this evening! I wonder what could be troubling me?!

The more important thing I need to set right is people’s inability to walk, and more importantly, not walk into people. It seems that I cannot walk anywhere nowadays, even within the very wide corridors of the building where I work, without someone trying their hardest not to acknowledge my existence and walk into me.

I make a lot of effort to move out of the way of people but sometimes it is just not possible. Sometimes I have a wall to the side of me, or some obstacles, and why the other people cannot see fit to get out of my way when I cannot physically move, I do not know.

And another thing – people walking slowly in a large group across the whole of the pavement. This is not necessary. Some people have somewhere to go. Can you not hear or sense someone behind you who might want to get past? Or even worse, combining my previous moan, when you walk towards a large group and they do not bother to make a tiny bit of space to allow you past.

Wake up people and start being polite and courteous.

Oh and one more thing – if I hold open a door for you, and normally I will go out of my way to do so – please say thank you. Just a vague acknowledgement that I have made the effort for you. I’m not asking for a kiss or a bunch of flowers, though money would be nice – or a hug – especially on a Monday.

I’m happier now I’ve had a moan. I still get paid at the end of the month. Ibiza and fabric still exist. I have beautiful friends. The Oakford is the best pub in the world and is a short walk from home. And I have M&S Toad In The Hole with broccoli and mange tout for dinner tonight. And I love writing my blog. Life is good and getting better. Enjoy your Monday.

And keep reading please – it makes me happy!

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