Tony Blair’s Achievements

Given Tony Blair’s recent wave of publicity, I thought it only correct that I should help to improve the public perception of him, and write a list of his achievements over the 10 years that he was in charge.

Northern Ireland peace process is a good one – albeit John Major was the one who first started it.
Managed, along with some help from George Bush, to get rid of Saddam Hussein – something no previous leader in the West, or Iran, had previously managed.
Allowed Gordon Brown to get the country into $175billion of debt (albeit not all on his watch), which is a far lower figure than America’s debt.
Immigration has been so high that there are actually people living in Hull that were not born there or going to university there.
Some of the poor got richer, although the rich got much richer.
Vastly increased personal wealth for much of the population through hugely increased property prices for those with houses – and for those who are outpriced of buying a house – alcohol is far more available thanks to 24 hour licensing and drugs are so much more easier to get hold of. After all, you need something to spend your money on now interest rates are 0.5% there is no point in saving.
Jails are now full, so if you commit crime, you are unlikely to go to one.
Managed to increase his personal wealth spectacularly despite being one of the most unpopular people in the country.
He even got the Dan David prize from Tel Aviv university which is a cool $1million, for showing exceptional intelligence and foresight, and demonstrating moral courage and leadership
And lets not forget culture – the Millenium Dome was a relatively cheap year of celebration and wonder. And we are going to be the first country to host the Olympics 3 times.
And he achieved all of this with Gordon Brown stabbing him in the back and side on regular occasions.
And now the fastest-selling autobiography.

I can only dream of such a list of achievements. Though I did escape Hull despite being born there.

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