Getting Angry

It appears a lot of Lib Dem activists are vehemently anti-Conservative.

If that is the case, then screw them. David Cameron should state that a deal is off and try to form a minority government.

Although I am starting to think maybe the best outcome would be for Gordon Brown to form a government, thereby completely screwing things up so those that voted him and Labour can experience properly, the damage that he has done to the country and the economy.

And then the Conservatives can come to the rescue in a couple of years time. If that is the case I doubt I will be the only person looking to emigrate, at least for a short period.

The country voted for uncertainty. Does the country want to go to ruin? Or does the country want to be rescued?

The political argument should really be whether we are more Liberal or Conservative.

Socialism is bankrupt. Socialism makes us bankrupt.

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