Scottish Independence

This is clearly the biggest argument for Scottish independence that there has ever been.

If the results of the English constituencies are taken on their own, then there is a clear result – a Conservative majority.

Only 1 MP in Scotland will be Conservative.

So, why not let Scotland be its own country? It has a parliament and sets much of its laws anyway, whilst still influencing ours.

What have the Scottish ever done for the English? They gave us Gordon Brown. The Royal Bank of Scotland. Haggis. Bagpipes. Erm…

This isn’t an anti-Scottish rant, because I have been to Scotland many times – it is a beautiful place, the people are admirably passionate, and humorous.

Lots of Scottish people want independence, maybe it really is about time they were granted it. I don’t want them having sway over how this part of the country down here is run.

I love Scotland, and its people, but I also love England, and I live in England and we should be allowed to govern how we choose – and the English chose Conservative.

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