Goldenfry Gravy

This my friends, is the daddy of gravy.

I never used to be able to buy it in Reading, my mam used to send it down to me sometimes but she cannot do it often enough to satisfy my gravy demands.

A while ago though, Sainsbury’s in Broad Street in Reading started to stock it and I was very excited, but now they no longer do so.  I wrote a letter of complaint – here is the response


Dear James

I’m sorry you’ve been unable to buy Goldenfry gravy in our Broad Street store. I can understand your disappointment as you clearly hold this gravy in high regard.

Unfortunately this has been discontinued in this store and in our Friar Street store. Our buyers carry out regular reviews of all items to determine how well they are selling in each store. It was decided that because this item was not a big seller, it should be withdrawn to make room for another more popular item or to give us the chance to introduce a new product.

I’ve submitted a product request for this item to be restocked in our Broad Street store. Although this isn’t a guarantee, it does alert our buyers that there is a demand for it here.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and lhope to see you in store again soon.

Kind regards
Customer Manager


And my original e-mail…

Why can I not find Goldenfry gravy (chicken) in the Reading Central store on Broad Street any more? Gravy is a vital commodity in my life and makes me happy nearly as much as ecstacy, minimal techno and good sex do.

I can only find Bisto now, which to me is rather substandard.

Your other store in Friar Street does not sell it, and I don’t think it ever has.

I hope you can put this right, it will encourage me to visit on a more regular basis, after all, evil Tesco Express is much closer to my house and despite how much I despise it, they offer me the same choice of gravy and a much shorter journey to purchase it.

Kind regards


I probably should add just for the purposes of any boring people reading that I am not condoning the use of ecstacy which is classified as a Class A illegal drug and according to what I have read over the years does sadly contribute to the death of a few people every year, approximately 0.01% of the amount that good old alcohol does every year.

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