James Winfield’s Artistic Abilities Part 5 – And fabric’s Opinion Of Said Artwork

I think many of you may have already seen my New Year’s Eve artistic creation – with real paints, but for the purposes of history, I am putting it on my blog.

I received a friend request from ‘fabric on’ the other day on Facebook – and I have a policy of only befriending humans that I have met (although I am sure that a couple of slipped through the net) so I wanted to know what they thought of my artwork first…


Dear fabric On

I fear that I may have to decline your friend request because I have a policy that I actually know and have met in person anyone who becomes a friend of mine on Facebook, yes perhaps a couple slipped through in the early days that I am still confused about, but now I am more rigorous on the qualifications required.
I cannot allow myself to be friends with Yellow Taxis, or Pizza Hut…I am sure you understand.
But fabric is so ingrained into my soul, I hope you can see why I have not accepted straight away. It is difficult.
By the way, do you like my artwork?


well, It’s up to you really… you are IN or OUT!

Fabric ON is not Pizza Hut ;), that’s for sure!

Your artwork is OK.
I have since sent my previous two works of art – Whore Loves Money Not Art, and the X-Factor one – a further response has not yet been forthcoming.

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