Goodbye Jimmy Bullard

I don’t often talk about football on my blog, but I do still care about my home-team, Hull City, even though music, art, politics and economics are of more interest to me than football…I still have a passion for my team and that will never diminish.

Sadly, Jimmy Bullard, who some Hull City fans would have you believe is the best player we ever signed, seems to have no passion for Hull City as a club, or the fans.

There have been far too many stories of disrespect, and we have seen far too little of him on the pitch to believe that he could be a representative of The Tigers, let alone the highest-paid one, and the highest transfer to boot.

I remember just how disinterested he looked when we were fighting for survival in the 2009-10 season of the Premiership, that poor penalty against Burnley, I think it was, at home, who then went on to beat us.   And the lack of interest after that.

I am sure that he may be a lost soul because of his off-field activities, and I can understand him but I cannot emphasise with him as he did not do anything productive to ensure that he was the professional creative midfielder that we thought we had bought.

I remember when I was a young child, revering Paul Gascoigne, as a hero.  My now long-deceased grandfather, could not understand why.  He told me that Gazza was a pratt.  I am sure he would have used stronger words, had I not been so young at the time.

Jimmy Bullard is equal the pratt.  He might be a genius footballer but until he gets it together, he will be more myth than hero.

A lesson to anyone.

Having fun is great, but don’t make it your profession.  Have a profession, and have fun outside of it.

And with regards to Jimmy Bullard – he has finally been sacked.  Without a pay-off.  I am truly delighted.  This rarely happens in football as the players have all the power, and this is probably why the game has been ruined to the extent it has today.

The PFA kind of reminds me of the stranglehold that the miners had over the UK government 30 or so years ago, until Maggie sorted them out.

I do wonder, and hope that this could be a turning point and the power goes back into the hands of the clubs – not the players, and especially not the agents.

Time will tell – but goodbye and good riddens to Jimmy Bullard, as far as Hull City is concerned.

I wish you no malice, I hope that you sort your life out and don’t waste it.  Too much of a talent for there not to be a positive story at the end.

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