Another Busy MOnday In The Life Of James Winfield

So I have entered into another busy week in the life of James Winfield.  Busier than the last 52 Mondays anyway.

I have lots of plans and lots of things that I want to try out and the next few weeks is the perfect chance to do so.  I have a little project which I have started on the basic admin work with.  I am not sure if my project will work, but if you have a dream then you should pursue it – and I have many dreams and this is one.  It really will rely on other people getting excited about it too – I hope to have it ready by November, if not much sooner…but only so much is in my hands.

Today I did some voice recognition testing for a major software company which was quite fun – basically when they launched software a while back they had problems recognising some voices so they need to add to their repertoire of voices that their future software can recognise.  Money for talking.  I like that idea.

The other thing I did today was buy some socks.  Did you know how difficult it is to find yellow socks though?  Will have a search around Ebay later.  I have increasingly realised recently how dissatisfied I have become with my wardrobe so I am setting out on a project to replace as much of it as I can afford by the end of the year.  Starting with socks.  Next a few things for Ibiza – might have to just get a few cheap H&M t-shirts for Ibiza, not got enough funds to import that many t-shirts.

I bought the perfect socks to go see Hull City with.  Though it might take a little while until I am persuaded to part with my money to go see them as they are playing pretty badly, by all accounts.

Anyway, enough for now.  I really am liking this not being at work stuff.  And the day of sunshine.  I’ll do my weather blog in a bit.  Hopefully I will get quadruple the amount of visitors my last one got…a shameful 2.

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