Hang The Anarchist Scumbags

OK perhaps hanging would be a little extreme but I am pretty fucked off to see these stupid, irresponsible, selfish arseholes causing mayhem across our wonderful capital city, London, once again.

And equally annoyed to see that they are now threatening to disrupt the royal wedding.  I have no idea what they think gives them the belief that it is acceptable to disrupt two people’s special day, no matter whether you support the existence of the royal family, or not.  Not only that, but Prince William is a member of our armed forces, so for me, this is an extra reason why he should be supported.  And the royal family generates a lot of tourist income.  To threaten to cause disruption to this event is totally out of order.

I really would like to see some harsh punishment to those who cause trouble on the street.  I fear that they will however just be given a small fine, which they will not bother paying.

Our economy is in enough trouble as it is, thanks to the ruinous policies of Mr Brown and those lot over the previous 13 years, and we really do not need potential tourists to question whether London is a safe place to spend their money.  Nor should we be discouraging businesses from investing in the country.

As much as I might disagree with the peaceful protestors, the Labour Party and the trade unions – sadly they do have a right to protest, even if it means that they are giving an umbrella to the selfish scum who just want to cause trouble.

If the Labour Party got their way, we would likely end up more like Ireland, Greece and Portugal (we were talked about in the same terms just a year ago, albeit further down the list) and then have external organisations like the IMF force us into making much larger cuts in exchange for loans at higher interest rates to be able to pay back our debtors who were losing confidence in our ability to pay back our very substantial debts.

And if the anarchists got their way, there would be no state, hence no shops, no banks, no police force, no education system, no health system – we would all be forced to fend for ourselves.  Though we wouldn’t be paying any tax.  And the first thing we would probably do is take it out on the anarchists to protect ourselves.  Then set up a police force to combat the very high levels of violence and crime.  Which we would then have to tax.  Then set up a health system due to our failing health levels and another increase in tax…and so on.  Ie – anarchy is not a viable outcome.

I do wish someone would organise a protest in support of the savings that the government are doing.  Next time the unions arrange a protest, I might go down with some placards saying “I Love The Banks” and “Fuck Off Labour Scum” – anyone up for joining me?

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