Pissed Off to Happy In One Post!

Writing my blog always seems to be quite helpful to my mood, it has been a bit of a frustrating last week or so.  A rare rubbish week, even then it had a good Wednesday night and some other little highlights hidden away.

Firstly I didn’t get the job that I went for within my current company in my old team with the best ever manager that I have worked for in my life, which I really wanted.  I did of course get good feedback as I do tend to interview quite well, however there was someone just that bit better than me this time.

It hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs in my current job, in fact it has probably reached it’s lowest point so far.  At least there is plenty of work so I am keeping relatively out of trouble, as impossible as it may seem when one does not feel so appreciated.

And then flat-hunting – I recall from my previous two experiences just how frustrating this process is and this time is definitely no different – I was pretty damn fucked-off last weekend about it and I don’t use the f-word lightly!  Estate agents are a pain in the ass, good flats are getting taken before we even view them and there isn’t a huge amount on the market.  Patience is required.  Not a substance that I find easy to procure.

One assumes I have done something to upset the universe.  Thinking about it, I didn’t say ‘white rabbits’ as my first words of March.  That’ll be it then.

I don’t even have that much coming up in the diary to do – might go to fabric to see Magda on 16th April though.

And I have only discovered one new top tune this week (though I did add a few more on my top tunes blog that I had forgotten to do last week).

At least it is sunny, and there is even hope for a day or so of much warmer weather next weekend – though far from guaranteed.  I would love a week’s holiday in the sunshine though, especially abroad.  Ibiza!  I wish, as my financial situation and lack of annual bonus means I am really going to struggle to be able to afford anything, and I really need a holiday especially after not having one last year. Unless I get a second job, get made redundant (don’t laugh, it is not impossible, sadly), win a holiday (also not impossible as I have done it twice before!) or I win the Euromillions tonight, I don’t see how it is going to happen.

And my diet has been rubbish this week and I am now feeling very lethargic for it. I am back to craving bacon and egg sandwiches.  Not eating fruit and veg – why, James?  Sort it out!

And I am bored of being sober and without money I may be facing a weekend of sobriety, this does not appeal!

Oh and then I discovered that there is another James Winfield, living in a town called Reading, in a county called Berks, in USA who was arrested for attempted murder, firearms offences and having 7 packs of crack cocaine.  I guess I may have difficulties if I ever go to America!

Things could be worse though. I could have a fetish for cow manure.
Or I could be living in Turkey where Blogspot has been banned.
Or someone could have told me that I need to change my name to Edward.  Just how pathetic are the Labour Party?
And at least I have the Charlie Sheen soundboard to play with.
See – writing my blog and having a moan helps.  I am now deliriously happy and so incredibly motivated.  I have a reasonably decent job, I work for a very good company, there will be other job opportunities, I have the best set of friends one could ever dream of, I have an amazing amount of fantastic repetitive music, I have seen Ricardo Villalobos recently, I should see Sven Vath in May, I will at least go to Cocoon In The Park if not Ibiza, I get to see my family in a couple of weekends at Easter, Hull City can still get promoted, I have just had a bacon and egg sandwich, I am going to have a pie tonight, I have a very good friend coming round for the evening, I get paid next Thursday, I live in a really good part of the best country in the world, the Conservatives are back in charge, Morrison’s are stocking Goldenfry gravy once more (it was Sainsbury’s I wrote to, so not my doing), the sun is shining, I shortly have 2 days and 3 evenings to do whatever the hell I like and I am now about to go for a poo.  Oh and memories of those Spanish girls at fabric that we were surrounded by and crushed up against due to how packed it was, they seemed equally happy about it – I certainly was!  Oh, I do love this world, I am very glad I wrote this to remind myself 🙂

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