Have You Seen My Sparkle?

I seem to have lost my sparkle the last few weeks – I think it started when I got flu and it took ages to recover properly, also a lot of doing nothing over Christmas and New Year, and I seem to have totally lost my motivation even to go to the pub at the moment!  I spent more time in bed this weekend than when I had flu!  I have become ridiculously lazy.

I have serious cravings for a good night’s clubbing – if there is one thing that is guaranteed to put me back in a good mood, it is a fantastic night at fabric, etc.  Alas, I have nothing planned.

Another thing is a complete lack of exercise, even for my low standards.  Granted I didn’t do much in the first place but I did at least use to walk home a few nights a week which is a good hour’s walk – since the cold weather arrived I have stopped doing so!

A lack of warm sunshine too isn’t helping.  Alas, I am not expecting to enjoy any such thing for several months.  Although I don’t rule out some early spring-like weather this year.

I think the lack of parliament has also had a negative effect on my enjoyment of life.  I think they are back today, so finally I can get to enjoy some good politics once again.  Nothing quite like a dose of Politics Today whilst I am eating my dinner.

And finally I have stopped looking for new music.  I didn’t really need the BBC to tell me that music releases a chemical in the brain that puts one in a good mood.

Oh, and one more thing – I cannot find chicken Goldenfry gravy anywhere any more.  This is causing grave upset.  Get it – grave upset…gravy upset?

I’m not exactly in a bad mood, in a 4 out of 10 mood rather than my 6 out of 10 mood which has been pervasive for the last few months.  I’m aiming for a 5 out of 10 by the end of the week!  I have a plan to try to get it back.

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