Things Can Only Get Better

Remember the song that went with the Labour party election in 1997?  Things can only get better?

I have to say that this week definitely gets a low scoring, a bit like an Australian cricket score you might say, but things will get better.  We are already getting more than 9 minutes more daylight each day than when we started the year.  And it is less cold.  And all this rain will help keep us away from potential drought.

I want to talk politics.

Because there are plenty of critics of David Cameron and Nick Clegg out there at the moment.

Therefore, I am trying to think of all the good things that Tony Blair did.  So far, I have come up with that he kept Gordon Brown out of power.  But then I remember that he kept him as chancellor so he could make us nearly bankrupt.  I guess he did help get rid of a couple of dictators around the world, but I’m not convinced that history will see him in the light that he sees himself in.  Increased social mobility perhaps?  Reduced inequality?  Erm…

And then I would like to remind you of who his deputy was – Mr John Prescott.  Sorry, Lord Prescott to you and me nowadays.  That famous socialist.  Of the champagne variety.  Yes, he is also from Hull, or pretends to be, anyway.

I read today that he has been paid a five-figure sum to appear in a TV advert as a boxer.  Yes, a 72 year-old and somewhat overweight (in the kind of who ate all the pies, sausage rolls, chips, pork pies, hamburgers overweight kind of way).  How dignified.  This was our Deputy Prime Minister for many years!  Is this not embarrassing?!

I think I understand it though, as those of us from Hull do have quite a self-defacating sense of humour at times.

Still doesn’t excuse the hero of the working classes for choosing to spend his time playing croquet at large country manors, needing two jags to get around, or having an affair with his secretary.  If anyone is really bored, I have discovered a 10 minute battle between John Prescott and William Hague back in 2006, in which Lord Prescott advised of the economic stability and personal prosperity that the Labour government had brought to the country.  I found it quite hilarious at times. Very enjoyable viewing.

Our current Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, may have reneged on a dubious promise on tuition fees, but he surely is far preferable to what went before?

My point being, that no matter how easy it might be to moan about things, it is easy to remember something worse so things do get better.

And I have just been down to the coffee shop to buy a muffin and was told that it was half price!  Things really are looking up already.  And it is nearly time to go home and have a glass of wine or ten.  Have a good weekend folks.

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