Hello Fellow Mondayitans

Firstly and most importantly, I can advise that the cutlery situation in the kitchen at work has been resolved.
No longer will I have such situations where I have to use two knives as chopsticks, for the lack of forks.

I had a reasonably good weekend, if nothing spectacular, few drinks after work on Friday, then I spent the evening at the Outside:Inside festival in the Penta Hotel in Reading on the Saturday which was a little quiet in numbers but we certainly contributed a fair amount of people, especially considering that it was an off-putting £15 for entry.  I don’t know if I would choose to go again, but I enjoyed the night.  And Sunday I made it out into the sunshine for a bit, and then had beers at the Oakford.

Nothing unusual, nothing spectacular, but enough enjoyment to make it a good weekend. Oh, except the worst hangover for a long time on Saturday…ouch.

Going to try to make some progress with flat/house-share hunting this week, and have a game of badminton on Wednesday hopefully, and maybe win. Or maybe not.

The highlight of the week will be my parents visiting on Thursday. Assuming the weather is still warm and sunnyish, I shall take them to Caversham Court Gardens during the day, and in the evening we shall go to Loch Fyne – I shall try to be more adventurous than haddock!

Friday I am going to Nando’s for a friend’s birthday at work, straight after work, and then hopefully to The Turks if they are showing the Hull City game. Yes, the football season is back.
No other plans for the weekend yet, will be happy if it is relatively quiet – and cheap! This 5-weekend month and trip to Ibiza should put me well back into overdraft.
Enjoy your week.

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