What Do My Stomach And My Gravy Cupboard Have In Common?

It was annual parents visit yesterday – and both my gravy cupboard and stomach are full.

Two cartons of Goldenfry chicken gravy – but also two onion – what was my mother thinking?  Onion – yuck, yuck, yuckety, yuck.

But she redeemed herself with bringing toothpaste, household cleaning products, ketchup (Heinz, no longer my favourite but still ok) and a tin of ham.

Such are my weather forecasting abilities that I told her two weeks ago that it would probably be raining or thundery for her visit as the good weather wouldn’t last until Thursday, I was right.  Just wanted to let you know.

Anyway, I had a great day.  I love that I am of an age and relative maturity that a visit from the parents is something to be excited about, the highlight of my week.  Gravy or no gravy.

For lunch we went to The Griffin in Caversham, I had the Wild Boar burger, and it was absolutely lovely, with an egg and rocket leaves.  I was very impressed by their pub menu, especially as it is part of a chain.  I must go again.

For dinner, we went to Loch Fyne along the river from the Oracle, I really wanted Salmon but sadly the only dish with this (except some weird salmon dish with cucumber and weird stuff – yuck) was some kind of seafood special, it came with molluscs (what the hell are these?!), a king prawn, a piece of seabass, and said salmon.  Oh and two of my mother’s scampi.

It was all totally delicious.  Even the molluscs.  Wild Boar and molluscs for the first time, all in one day?  I’ve changed.  I hope you still like me (assuming you used to in the first place and don’t just read my musings to take pity on me for being from Ull…more about that later).

And yes, my Dad got drunk.  As did I a little.

This weekend is going to be an attempted quiet one.

I have casually invited a few people to The Turks for a beer or two from 7, anyone welcome to join.  I have not told them that Hull City are on Sky and this is the reason for me going there.  I would go by myself anyway, but I would rather have the company of my good friends.

5 years ago, I used to have a love affair with a local nightclub called Mango.  It was where many a beautiful friendship blossomed – most of which are still thriving to this day.

One of my favourite nights was a night called Erotique run by good friends, Paul and Shaun.  I remember once there being 50 of us there as a group, it was the night to be excited about.  Sadly they were axed, but they are having a re-launch tomorrow, my good friend Sam is playing too.

I wish them well, I am sure they will put on a very good night.

My days of going to Mango are long over as I don’t enjoy the experience and haven’t done for some time – I always regret going and spending my money, and there is nothing anyone can do to persuade me to change my mind, despite my feeling I should support good friends – but they have all had lots of support from me over the years!  Average pubs, yes, average clubs, no.

Maybe I am getting old but I like a more relaxing experience on an evening out, unless of course it is something special like fabric, Ibiza, Shoreditch, etc.

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