Hello Winter!

The first throes of winter have arrived. And I have a new winter coat.

What do you think?  Yes I know I should be a model – I was actually asking about the coat though.

I’ve saved up this month on my weekends in to be able to afford it. Speaking of which, this will be another weekend in. I currently have £15.40 left until pay-day, which is 5 days away. I have enough food to be able to survive on, and a £5 winning scratchcard, along with £2 of my Müller yoghurt vouchers and a £2 voucher for soap. I won’t go hungry or get smelly. Bonus.

I quite like being on a very tight budget, as it really makes me think about what I do spend.

It does mean I will be staying in all weekend but I cannot say that I am overly bothered about this. Halloween is my second-most despised event of the calendar (only beaten by Valentines Day). Why do we have a “celebration” that encourages child begging? And fancy dress is not for me. I still have to paint my £3 Primark trainers and do a techno mix. Too busy to celebrate sodding ghosts.

One thing I really want to do…have a guess…go on…it begins with g.  I really want a roast dinner.  I want to cook a proper roast, I think I can just about afford a £5 joint of beef from Sainsburys. This is the one thing that I am really looking forward to on Sunday. I found a really interesting looking recipe to make my own tomato sauce but the ingredients cost £12.65 in total and I cannot justify spending 80% of my budget on ketchup. Not even I can.

And on a good piece of news, I am currently 2.5kg lighter than my fat peak. I am very pleased about this, I have been putting in the effort though I suspect the main contributor was fabric…oh what a night/afternoon that was 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend my dear blog readers.


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