The James Winfield Cure For Famine

I have long thought that I would be one of those rare people that vastly changes the world for the better – someone like Edison, Einstein or Oakenfold.

And finally I can announce my cure for famine.

A product which can feed so many people so cheaply that even I can buy a packet in a reasonably upmarket supermarket for just 37 pence.

Just one packet I estimate could keep someone nutritionally fed for a week.

37 pence.

Yes, I present to you my very exciting cure for famine:

I look forward to my Nobel nomination and subsequent prize.

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5 responses to “The James Winfield Cure For Famine

  1. Possibly yes. That's sad, but something else may come up, who knows. Hard to be Most Stylish with coathangers anyway because they just stay in your wardrobe.

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