Holiday Plans

In case you haven’t worked it out already, I am on holiday this week.

I intend to use my time wisely.  I’ve had my 4 days of partying (and I so want to go back to Cocoon In The Park right now…getting a bit emotional, sob!) and now I have a to-do list:

1. Recover from the weekend!  Half achieved.
2. Replace my kitchen light – requires walking to Homebase though, grrr.
3. Start looking for somewhere new to live.  And ideally someone to share with.  I’m in no rush but I just want to free up some of the large amount of cash I spend on rent and bills to do more partying.
4. Download the 500 tunes on my to-download list, listen to them, and the other 400 I still need to listen to.  Perhaps a bit ambitious this one to do in full.
5. Try and resolve my last remaining issues with Traktor and practise how to mix using it, and if I get vaguely acceptable then maybe do a mix that has been in my mind.  Yes, my first ever mix.
6. Sunbathe.  This might have to wait until Thursday.
7. Two weather forecasts.
8. Clean my flat.  Sober.  Joy.
9. Maybe do some art but only if I get time.  I haven’t actually done any since New Year.  I still have some Absinthe.
10. Defrost freezer so I will be able to fit both some yorkshire puddings and curly fries in it.
11. Clear out some of the junk that I keep collecting.
12. Do Thursday evening’s washing up.  Or was that Wednesday’s?  Any potential flat-mates reading, I am not like that when I share!
13. Someone I know wanted some CDs of my favourite DJ so I shall sit down and sort that out.
14. Maybe a game of badminton.  Was supposed to go on Monday but I was, quite predictably, dying.
15. Read the DJ Mag’s and Mixmag’s from 2010 that I still haven’t read.  Oops.
16. Have a pie from Sweeney Todd’s.  Probably the easiest item on my list.
17. Get a copy of The Weather Man on DVD as JP keeps going on at me to watch it!
18. Play Cityville.  Slight obsession.
19. Write to the owners of the best nightclubs in the UK (if I can find their e-mail addresses) and suggest that they open a franchise in Reading.  Our underground scene needs it.
20. Thank the producers of my favourite wine, JP Chenet, for the free gifts.  There is a story behind it and there will be a blog post.

I will report on my achievements.  75% success rate will be good.

Oh, did I mention that I have booked Ibiza flights for 10th September?  Yippee!

And did I mention that I really want to be back at Cocoon In The Park right now?  I’m a bit delicate, look after me if you see me, ta, and enjoy your week x

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