Video Diary of Cocoon In The Park by…people on Youtube

These are the best videos kindly uploaded by other Cocoon In The Park folks to Youtube.

It is a pretty reasonable description of my best day of 2011 which has put me on such a high all week.

I hope you enjoy.

I will also compile a list of the tunes played at some point.

The ones with stars are my particular favourite moments if you only have time for a few.

Oh if you want to watch them all continuously, they are on my Youtube channel – this link should work – let me know if it doesn’t as this is the first time I have tried this out.

Seth Troxler
A bit more Seth

***Reboot – Caminando. An amazing moment, skip to 1 minute in if you are in a rush
This is the same Reboot moment but another angle I still get tingles down my spine that the whole crowd did this!

*Ricardo playing MDMA not the best sound quality
Ricardo playing ? and a good video of the dancers
**Ricardo playing Planet Rock
**Ricardo feels love 🙂
*Ricardo playing Cassius – Sounds Of Violence (Franco Cinelli remix) …and the whole crowd were singing…not sure if keeping this
Sven’s Housier Start
Sven playing Caribou – Sun yes I know it is upside down.
Sven playing Benoit & Sergio, and a great view
**Sven – Hungry For The Power
Sven’s intentions
Destructive Sven
***Sven Talking (including how to pronounce his name!)
***Sven’s One More Tune

And the after party in Leeds (I wasn’t at this party).

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