Hot, hot, hot.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, and for those in the
various foreign spy agencies following me, it has been pretty hot recently.  For those moaning, don’t worry, two weeks from now you will be fed up of the rain and moaning about that instead.  I prefer those who keep changing what they
moan about rather than drone on about the same old thing all the time.  Creative moaning.

For those in the Kremlin, do not worry, your summer is around the corner.
It has been quite an exceptional spell of weather in terms of unbroken
sunny, dry and hot weather.  Forecastedby me and hardly any other forecaster.  This
pleases me exceptionally, I long dreamt of being a weather forecaster and I
am.  And I am good.  I am now just short of 150 likes on my
weather page, well up from 30 at the beginning of the year.  It is noticeable that every time we
experience unusual weather, the interest in my page goes up.
And it isn’t only me who likes my weather forecasts – I had
a compliment this week from a very unexpected source, from someone who actually
works in the weather industry.  This is a
massive thing for me, and makes it so worthwhile, considering I spend several
hours a week studying and writing my forecasts, and do not have access to data
that those for example in the Met Office have.
The challenge now is to keep it up, and improve.
It did remind me that I shouldn’t give up my dream to work full-time
in the weather industry one day.  Just
because I don’t have a meteorology degree should not mean that I cannot fulfill
my dream one day.  You never know.
I would like to say a massive thanks to those who read my
forecasts, offer me compliments and especially those who spread the word.  Thanks to you, maybe one day I will achieve my childhood dream.  Although you could say I am living the dream right now as I always wanted to work in Bracknell.  Albeit I did not dream of being a credit controller when I was child.  I wonder if anyone has ever said “when I grow up, I want to be a credit controller”?
Anyway, I hope you are ready for the rain – I know I am going to enjoy not being in a boiling hot office and being able to sleep with the windows closed soon and not being woken up sporadically by selfish dickheads on motorbikes (no general offence to motorbikers, as you are generally not the type to mess with, just those who choose to make more noise than Concorde when the majority of residents are trying to sleep).
Oh and if I have been a little grumpy recently, it is nothing to do with the beautiful weather.  Honest.  I ran out of gravy and it is too hot to walk to Morrisons to stock up.
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