This weekend was a reminder of what a wonderful group of
friends I have, so many people taking the time out to give some support to
those going through such a difficult moment of their lives, a life-changing
event, something that is almost unimaginably unbearable.  Such a unique and beautiful group, they have
changed me markedly for the better over the years.  I dearly hope that there is a positive
outcome.  Never say never.
I didn’t really want to talk about myself given that
something far more important has been going on than any minor dramas I may have
but I am reluctantly forced into it.
When you have so many close friends, it is inevitable that
sometimes friction causes a falling out, normally temporarily, sometimes permanently.
Not one of my choosing and not one I deserve.  I am not going to elaborate as we both may
calm down in time and I prefer not to have such things discussed publicly, nor
do I want to say something that I may regret in the aftermath of an argument.  However this one may be irrecoverable.
All I ask is that if you hear someone bad mouthing me in the
coming days/weeks then please remember that there are always two sides to a
story.  If you have to get involved then please
come to your own judgements. If you feel I have been out of order in any way feel
free to tell me.  My true friends know me
well enough and know I am a good person.
Frustrated that I have to write about myself and my
relatively minor issues when the perspective is that such discrepancies truly
pale into insignificance compared to the misfortunates of others and my heart
truly goes out to those closely affected.
Apologies if it is insensitive to be somewhat narcissist
right now but I have to defend myself and not allow any damage to be done – in this
case it would be totally unfairly.
Will definitely be having a few pints of gravy this week.
Onwards and upwards, as they say.
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