How Many Things Can Annoy Me In One Day?

08:20 – Me. I left my mother’s birthday card at home and had to go back for it, missing the bus.
08:50 – The bus driver didn’t give me a free journey, I thought he might as the ticket looks like it wasn’t used yesterday.
09:05 – No decent sized glasses left in the kitchen at work…though if I were on time…
09:58 – The TV license people now know of our existence.
12:02 – An e-mail at work that I did not want to see which ruins months of preparation, investigation and work.
12:12 – Someone external not correctly reading my instructions, thereby causing a loss.
12:20 – Sven Vath definitely not playing Fabrik in Madrid apparently.
14:06 – An arsehole of a debtor rudely making unreasonable demands.
14:54 – I just discovered that I bought Philadelphia Light rather than full-fat. How dumb can I be?

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