How To Get Free Yoghurt

Dear Mr & Mrs Muller

At 66 pence each it has been rather some years since I have bought a Muller Fruit Corner as there are many more premium yoghurts available for that price, however on special offer recently at 28 pence I decided to give it another chance.

I bought myself a blackberry and raspberry yoghurt.

I have to say I was shocked to find only half the volume of fruit in it that there used to be.  I believe there to be more fruit in a box of Chicken McNuggets than there was in this “Fruit” Corner, or “Fruitless Corner” as they shall know be known as.  I would be interested to find out if you are able to confirm the volume of fruit now supplied in the corner of the Fruitless Corner, compared to say, 5 years ago.

Further to this, I would also like to question supermarket offers such as 10 for £2.  How many people actually have enough space in their fridge for 10 yoghurts?  How many people go shopping and want to carry a bag full of yoghurts home?

I wish you a pleasant, but fruitless day.


I received £3 of vouchers and the most boring, impersonal response of a letter ever.  Happy with the £3 but I really would have preferred something other than the standard “I am sorry that you have not found our products to your satisfaction” crap that everyone gets.

Oh well.

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