How To Survive Corporate Presentations

I badly wanted to avoid listening to an hour of why we are so good at our jobs today so I could continue to enhance the customer experience whilst optimizing my influence on our cash-flow. I don’t want to appear ungrateful for the efforts that have been made, however after 6 years of Credit & Collections experience and a Business Studies degree, I feel that I am aware of the importance of the department I work for in the running of a business.

I also want to avoid attending the Quarterly department update this afternoon as although the figures will have been updated, much of the explanation will not as there is only so much that can be said about a 30-page presentation based on management reports, very little of it has a direct impact on my role – it is nice to know however I want to be productive with the small amount of working time left in the week (remember it is Friday tomorrow).

However solutions have been found for both.

My motivation for the first meeting suddenly went from zero to 100% (ok that is an exaggeration) when I found out that there was an almost unlimited supply of Danish pastries. Suddenly I became interested.

10 Danish pastries and some biscuits later, I have found the solution to avoid the second presentation as I think I will be sick by 3pm due to the large intake of Danish pastries.

All is good 🙂

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