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Well surely you have all been waiting for my comments about the leaders debate? Unfortunately it isn’t too controversial or weird, but I still feel it is my duty to tell you what I am thinking after the debate – in the same kind of way that Gordon Brown feels it is his duty to lead the country. Ie I want to produce a review for the blog, although other people would be far better than me at it, but as I have chosen myself to do it, it has become my duty to do it, so I must carry on. And you will listen and follow me. I am your dictator.

Anyway, those that know me, know I truly believe that Margaret Thatcher’s Conservatives rescued the country from Labour’s ruinous 1970’s governmentship. Yes not everything she did was the best thing to do but overall we are in so much of a better position as a country thanks to her.

We did need a change in 1997 and I wasn’t too bothered about Tony Blair coming in even though I was pretty sure it was all spin, image and lies.

We didn’t need Gordon Brown to ruin the economy by racking up massive debts so he can follow his dream to become leader which he so desperately wanted to be ever since he was young – it was his destiny, his duty, remember?

Anyway, back to the modern day. I think the country is in a pretty dire situation. Not as bad as the 1979 though (thanks to many things the Conservatives did during the 1980’s) and not as bad as David Cameron describes in his idea of ‘Broken Britain’.

However we need leadership. I want someone to aspire to. And I can just about aspire to David Cameron. Nick Clegg, I am afraid I cannot. Gordon Brown – well the less said the better, that is no kind of leadership in my book. Unless you are a dictator of course. Or want a dictator. Maybe we want a dictator? We don’t want to make our own decisions? We want to be controlled?


I’ve said all this before so I’ll get to the point of the post.

I was disappointed with David Cameron’s performance last night. Not enough bite, not enough attacking. I was also disappointed with Nick Clegg for attacking the Conservatives more than Labour, as surely he cannot think that Gordon Brown is in any way an acceptable figure, especially when Gordon kept saying things like “and I think Nick will agree with me…” – yuck. That is another reason I hate Gordon Brown is that he uses people in an assumptive matter in his arguments, eg “And the people will agree with me”.

Anyway that was Nick Clegg’s time in the limelight, he did shine as a debater and now the policies will be properly scrutinised by the media I hope.

I wouldn’t actually mind a Liberal Democrat government. I would prefer a Conservative one. I would prefer a Conservative one led by someone like William Hague or Boris Johnson. But I will accept David Cameron.

I really just want rid of the lying, dictating, controlling monster government designed and led by Gordon Brown.

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One response to “Leaders Debate – I Have An Opinion!

  1. Clegg was rubishing his closest competition, pure electioneering and once again the British public appear to be hoodwinked as they were when Blair came to power. I have to say that the British electorate get everything they deserve, as three terms for this present government bears testament to.

    I agree about Thatcher but disagree about the need for change in 1997- I felt Major had done a lot right even if he wasn't the charismatic speaker that Blair was, his educational reforms including the introduction of NVQ and GNVQ provided much of the underclass with opportunities to train in a skill they actually enjoyed. Thatchers bid to take the power away from the LEA's that Labour were running into the ground and Majors' pledge to have a grammar school in every town coupled with the other aforementioned supply-side policies painted over the cracks of Blairs' first term because Britain had grown at an accelarated proportion because of the work the tories had done prior to him coming to power. I'd go as far as saying Blair was worse than Brown and I don't think he did a single thing right.

    Cameron is the obvious choice, even if some of his policies are a little wishy-washy, neither of the others can be trusted. If Brown gets another crack then we may as well get the wheelbarrows ready.

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