Hull Humour

The sense of humour from Hull can be rather self-defacating at times – and with good reason – the place is a shit-hole and there isn’t much to shout about. Hence my opinion of Reading as tropical paradise – something that anyone not from Hull who has walked down Oxford Road in Reading would have me locked up for suggesting. But the Oxford Road is quite tropical – have you ever been to a tropical island and strayed away from your nice safe hotel complex?

Anyway, same with supporting the football team, Hull City, most of the time, except for that one time we got promoted to the Premier League.

I am amused to read that before we were away to Cardiff last weekend, we had gone 29 away games without a victory.

The Hull fans proceeded to sing, in order:

“30 games and we’re still here”
“How shit must you be, we are drawing away from home”
“How shit must you be, you’ve only scored one”

Come the second Cardiff goal, we then changed to singing about Montenegro beating Wales.

Maybe it isn’t funny. Maybe my sense of humour is just shit.

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