James Winfield’s Artistic Abilities

I’ve never really been that impressed with my artistic abilities, I’ve always thought I was, well, a bit shit really.  I know generally that I am a talented person, but art has never been one of said talents – I can envisage something but not be able to recreate it.

So I thought I would try to draw with my emotions instead, and now I have realised that I am actually quite a talented artist.

At the top is anger – my anger is mainly with society; Gordon Brown, Mervyn King, financial regulators, etc – everyone who has contributed to my living expenses being so much higher than they should and ruined the economy.  My life is so much harder.  Thanks.  I am angry.  I thought I should make it 3D too as that seems to be the next coolest thing so I keep hearing, so I stabbed some drawing implements into the canvas.  I do also have a little bit of anger at myself for sometimes wasting efforts where they are not appreciated, but I cannot get it right every time I guess.

I then have confusion in the middle, as some decisions I make for good intentions seem to be causing me grief this year even though I know in the long run that they should still work out to be the best decision, just a few teething issues.  But more than that, I still remain confused by my position in the world as I really want to have a significant contribution to making the world a better place and I seem to be having a limited effect – perhaps if I reduced my ambition of bringing world peace to something a little more realistic then maybe I would be a bit more satisfied.  But what?

But last but not least is the love I have and receive from the special people in my life – those that make any negative emotions I feel from time to time totally insignificant in the scheme of things – and K obviously to represent two particularly special and lovely people who’s names begin with K who’s birthdays I have recently had a hand in celebrating, my dearest sister, Kathryn, and one of my dearest friends, Karen.

I hope you appreciate my artwork – this picture has been left at the Oakford Social Club in Reading and can be bought from them on a Sunday with a donation to the charity that they support, should you wish to have my masterpiece for yourself.  I will consider doing another one if the demand is there, I’m sure it will be once I become famous for art.  I will try to build a portfolio before I apply to be shown in the Potato Gallery or anything.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday – or Monday – or whatever day it is. x

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