I Always Believed…

Well, well, well.  A Conservative majority.

Apparently a shock to everyone.  But not myself.

I have to admit there were moments that I was concerned disaster could strike.  Or perhaps we would fall short of having enough even with the Lib Dems.

I did place a bet on a Conservative majority at 11-1 – I always knew it wasn’t the most likely outcome, but I really did believe that we could get that majority and those odds seemed crazy.  Perhaps I was deluded, but I really thought that we could pull it out of the bag – 1992 style.

It is the best reward for rescuing the economy, strengthening the NHS, the excellent education reforms…the list goes on.

I do feel a bit sorry for Nick Clegg.  It was highly commendable to enter coalition, very brave and history will regard him highly.  I’m pleased that he won his seat, and would be happy with the idea of a small ministerial post for him, if such was possible to offer.  Probably very difficult, politically but could be helpful in arguments over Europe.

It isn’t going to be an easy 5 years.  The NHS apparently needs a ton of money.  The economic growth slowed in the first quarter of 2015, though hopefully it was a blip – there are warning signs in the world economy.  Russia and ISIS will continue to test the western world, and we will need to get involved in reforming Europe.  Scotland will be very difficult to placate, and will some Tory MPs over the issue of Europe.

But thankfully we are going into this challenge with David Cameron in charge of a Conservative majority, instead of the chaos of Ed Miliband’s semi-socialism.  And how good was it to see Ed Balls losing his seat?

One of the particular highlights of the general election results was UKIP only getting 1 seat.  Something I also predicted.  It shows that a negative party based on anti-immigration and anti-Europe will not succeed.

Also, the “ordinary person” Russell Brand today claimed that he has no influence on politics, after telling people to vote Labour.  Well, how about this you arrogant, hypocritical, vacuous tosspot – perhaps you did influence people.  You influenced them to not vote Labour.  Millions…actually probably just thousands of people heard you back Labour and concluded that Labour was not the party for them after all.

In fact, Labour isn’t the party of the ordinary person or the working person.  That is the Conservative party.

The absolute highlight of last night, and what resonates with me more than any other part of the outcome, is that yet again, we have defeated socialism.  Every time Labour try to offer the public some form of socialism, the British public reject it.

Mrs Thatcher’s honour is preserved.

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