I Am Amazing – Or Deluded?

I woke up early this morning for what is my 5th interview in this job-hunting process that I am involved in.  I didn’t have as much sleep as would have been ideal…and I had a slightly daunting 3-hour interview process to go for for a job that I wasn’t 100% convinced on and that I thought the recruiter had probably over-sold – a lesser person may have feigned illness and chose to sleep in but I want a job and I had to go check it out.  I can sleep on Sunday.

Having a 3-hour interview process is actually excellent.  It gives me enough time to explain enough about my abilities, competencies, how I could do an excellent job for them – but also for me to decide whether I like the company and the job, and to find out much more about the role and the culture of the company – and wow, holy shit, I am most impressed – and you know I am not an easy one to impress!

This is the first time that I have been for a job since the Debt Recovery one at Verizon back in 2007 that I can honestly say I really, really want, and not only the job but the company – and I also think I can do an excellent job.  Actually only the second job in my life that I have really, really wanted.

I will actually be proper pissed off (damn, I have sworn twice in this blog…actually make that three times…bugger…I’ll stop at four then) if I don’t get this job, and again, it takes a lot to upset me.

Thankfully I am confident that I did a really good job, had two really good interviews and came across well in the group assessment – interactive but not dominant and fluked the correct answer which we were unable to come up with in 30 minutes as a team – I just gave some bizarre reasoning which was nothing to do with how to come up with the answer and it was a 1 in 25 chance of getting it right, so clearly I am amazing.  The Japanese are quirky so they probably own a zebra, and the Norwegians have long life expectancy so probably prefer the water…in case you wanted to know.

I am still waiting to hear back from two other possible jobs that I have interviewed for, both for more money – but you know those rare occasions when something just feels totally right?  Money is a nice lubricant

I dearly hope they feel the same…I should find out on Monday.

Either way I am in a super mood now and feel like celebrating…but I have an hour and a half online assessment to do for them too by Monday, so I am going to get straight on with it…practising my DJing can come later, as can a celebratory drink (actually I might leave that until fabric tomorrow…he, he, he!).  I’ll just have a celebratory plate of gravy instead.

Anyway, cheers to everyone and I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

Fingers crossed 🙂

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