James & JP Against The Strikers – Get Back To Work You Lazy Bastardoz

Anyone who knows me, knows I am ardently against strikes and especially the disgusting trade unions.

And a lot of people seem to be very upset about the strikes, the majority of the people I know are.  So I enlisted my good friend JP and we headed down to the strikes in Forbury Gardens, in Reading, to get our point across.

There were about 1,000 people in total as expected, which took me a little by surprise.  I won’t be surprised if the trade unions estimate 5,000.

At first we just got a few smiles and laughs from people in attendance – shouting “Love your banks” and “Get back to work you lazy ****ards” seemed to get a bit of attention.

Most people took us in good humour – after all if they can protest against something we vehemently disagree with, then why can we not protest?  Someone has to get across the views of the majority of hard-working people – many of whom are suffering due to the selfishness of the strikers – we spoke to one gentleman who has had to take a day off work to look after his kid due to the strikes – he wasn’t especially against them having their say but questioned why the strike couldn’t have taken place on a school holiday?  I wonder…

But there were a few who were noticeably aggressive, mainly women I have to add, who were in our face rather aggressively and clearly trying to provoke us – shocked that anyone could possibly have an opinion differing to theirs.  A few quite horrid people.  Maybe they were just angry.  I am sure they don’t have a high opinion of us either.

Most people however took it in good humour, and we had some good discussions and met some very nice people, who just happened to have a difference of opinion.

Apologies that there are no photos, but we were photographed and interviewed by the Reading Chronicle, Newbury Post and Reading Live – maybe another one too, so my moment of fame has finally arrived and JP’s domination of the local press continues.

Anyway, my work for the day is done, I shall get back to being a lazy ass, just like the 1,000 people in Forbury Gardens.

I look forward to the hate mail following the newspaper articles…and the obsessive argument from a certain someone when I post this link on Facebook 😉

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11 responses to “James & JP Against The Strikers – Get Back To Work You Lazy Bastardoz

  1. aww, only 5 comments, 2 from me telling you how boring you are, even after you advertised it on GetReading? I reckon you must have been hoping for at least…double that. I feel a bit like I'm playing into your hands giving you even this much attention, but really – was it worth the effort?

  2. Nobody ever puts comments on my blog posts, this is probably my record, so thank you ever so much for your contributions 🙂

    In fact I think it is double my record.

    Was what worth the effort? My blog post or the protest?

  3. What in the name of all thats holy are you out campaigning for the banks for! I applaud your humour. However billions upon billions are being asset stripped from this country by self appointed oligarchs and you pick on a few dinner ladies and nurses!

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