I Have A Plan

It has become fairly clear to me that the lack of freedoms that office life forces upon me and the lack of challenge for my still fairly active brain, means it is definitely not what I want to be doing long term.
It has been good for me in the short term to get me back on track following 6 months unemployed and I guess will be necessary for the next couple of years to fund the lifestyle I enjoy.
But I do not want to have a never ending corporate life of random jobs and no real future. I do not see myself as ever becoming dull enough to be successful in an office.
I have spent too long thinking about a plan and not long enough enacting one.
10 years ago I was in a similar situation in a dead end junior office job. So I embarked upon a degree.
Now I have other routes I would like to follow and it is time to enact my plan. I want to follow the DJ dream, the party promoting route and probably more realistically the web designing.
I keep planning it in my head but not really doing anything with it.
So as from last week, I now do web design on a Tuesday evening, Free House Project stuff on a Wednesday and practice DJing on a Thursday evening.
Less talk. More action.
I cannot be bored forever and now is the time to stop fucking around and enact my plan for the future.
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