I Love Nick Clegg

One of my favourite things to do when I feel like a few minutes procrastination, is to wind-up the Nick Clegg haters that spend all day on his Facebook page.

Simple short paragraphs like “Thanks for continuing to repair our fragile society and destroyed economy. Please do all you can to ensure that the disgraceful, selfish, lying, cheating scum of the Labour Party never ever get back into power in this country. Never again should the likes of Blair, Brown, Mandelson or Prescott be allowed anywhere near power. You might not be perfect but in comparison you are amazing.” seem to cause a fair amount of upset, especially to all those poor students being forced to go to university.

I especially admire him for lying to the students.  Easy for me to say when I only had to pay £1,000.00 tuition fees a year.  Ho ho ho!  Though perhaps if I had had been charged more, I would have thought a bit more sensibly about what degree to do in the first place (seriously, why did I choose Maths?), maybe taken a year out first to work and save up some money, not spend so much on vodka and weed during those two years and maybe actually got a degree at the first time of asking rather than dropped out.

No regrets at all though, I may not have ended up in Reading had I not chosen Maths, and may not have ended up doing what I became interested in a few years later, Business Studies & Economics, and may not have ended up with such an amazing group of friends gained over the last few years.

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