It’s All Gravy Baby

I don’t have a huge amount to say yet today.  Went to Hull for the weekend for my father’s 60th birthday meal, he seemed very happy to see me – my family duty is done for a while now!  I do intend on trying to get to Hull a couple more times this year.  I enjoy my trips to see my family though 2 days is enough and I am craving to get back to my life in Reading.

And my life in Reading is now more complete thanks to my lovely mother ensuring that I have enough gravy – hopefully until my Easter visit (though I doubt it).

Happy gravy day.  Sorry I don’t have much to waffle on about, but the return of the orgasmic gravy granules really does require a post on it’s own, and has taken up all the space in my mind.

Oh yeah, it’s all gravy baby.

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