I Survived No Internet Night

I bet you are all delighted to hear that I survived a night without the internet.

I waste too much time doing things that I don’t need to do on the internet so I decided I would try to go without it for the night.  It was quite productive too, I just got behind the decks and did a mix.  I might even post the new mix up later, there are one or two dodgy bits but fuck it, I need to put a new mix out there.

I only failed by using the iplayer whilst I was eating my dinner but I switched it straight off afterwards so only a technical failure as I wasn’t going to eat my dinner in silence and I don’t have a television.

I shall be making this a regular thing.  I would love a Facebook holiday but probably not the best idea if I have a night to promote (oh any excuse for a plug)  I might even switch my computer off one time next year.

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