I Want A Good Job More Than A Blonde

So I decided that at 10:45pm on the day before a job interview that I would go to Tesco just before it shut, not for alcohol, but for chocolate.  I have a chocolate craving.  How odd.  This keeps happening to me at the moment late at night – is this normal?

Anyway, standing in the queue, minding my own business, two drunk and fairly attractive young ladies in front of me (the sort that would be far more attractive if they weren’t so obsessed with fake tan, fake hair, way overdone make-up, you know the sort), one turns around and says “hey sexy, what are you listening to?”.

Why does this opportunity have to be presented right now?  Why not last Friday night?  Or Thursday night?  Or Saturday evening?

Of course I advised her that I was listening to some minimal techno, and went on to ask her if she listened to it and what her favourite producers were, she pretended to like it…

Any other evening and I would be doing my manful best to ensure I were turning up to work rather dishevelled after an unexpected adventure.  That was like my most open opportunity for a while with the opposite sex and I just had to let it pass.

Some things are just a bit more important…karma please read this and deliver me a beautiful young lady this weekend who likes house music, hates X-Factor, and isn’t obsessive/twisted/a head-fuck.  I surely deserve it now?

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