Ricardo Villalobos at fabric

The night started off at Mango, which was probably the first time I had enjoyed a night out there for about two years – no unbearably loud sound, a good reasonably friendly crowd with no sign of dickheads, some good underground music in the garden and some good looking girls (though not a patch on those at fabric!).

Then to fabric.  We were lucky to get in at 08:30 – went to the front of the queue to be told members have no priority – went to the back to be told the queue is closed but they saw my members card and told me to go to the front – no luck again but managed to push in the middle of the queue without anyone saying anything.  Probably because nobody in the queue was English so people pushing in was perfectly acceptable.  Having got the 6:22am train from Reading after being out much of the evening and then having to kill 3 hours before the first train, I would have been pretty annoyed if I couldn’t have got in, especially as I didn’t have the foresight to put myself on the Jaded guestlist or something similar as a back-up.

Amusingly the guy in front of us managed to piss off the bouncers by rocking the barriers and being cheeky to them, when he got to the front they asked him when he was last at fabric, they replied ‘last week’, they asked who played and he had no idea. So they didn’t let him in. Harsh but one should never annoy bouncers.

We only managed 3 hours inside before starting to flake, also had to get back to Reading for a birthday drinks sesh. I enjoyed Ricardo more last March, probably because I was there much longer.  Some of the music played was typically experimental from Ricardo – last March there was much more house.  One can never tell what to expect from him, which is one of the reasons I enjoy him so much.  Along with the clanging mixes, one was just shocking – I assume it was him as shortly after apparently he was slumped on the DJ booth floor completely wasted.  Some people might not like that but I love a DJ who parties as much as me!

But it was still thoroughly enjoyable, highlights were the remix of Ultra Nate and House Nation  which just went down amazingly (I’m sure it was played twice?!)…would have liked to have been there earlier for Nina Kraviz and Julien Chaptal, but the deal for JP coming was to go see him DJing at Mango.

It was of course rammed, but no drunken idiots pushing everyone around, the only such ‘trouble’ as such was two very hot Spanish girls pushing their backsides into me and JP squashing us into the stage.  I rather enjoyed those few minutes it has to be said.  Maybe I do like women again.  It is spring after all.

Couple of quiet weekends now required…before some April madness. Maybe Cocoon warehouse party on 9th April?  Or M.A.N.D.Y. and Heidi at fabric on 2nd April?  Maybe Benoit & Sergio on 30th April?
Anyone fancy joining me?

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