I Want Never Gets (at the moment/keep on dreaming)

1. I want it to be 5pm.
2. I want a beer.  And 3 bottles of wine.
3. I want a big hug.
4. I want to be wonky.
5. I want to go to see Heidi in London do an 8 hour set on Saturday.
6. I want to go see Jamie Jones at fabric on 2nd July.
7. I want someone to go to Cocoon In The Park with me on 9th July.
8. I want to grope that girl’s breasts, preferably with permission so I don’t get reported to HR.
9. I want a pay-rise.
10. I want to find the money to be able to go to Ibiza.
11. I want to win one of the 200 competitions for holidays that I have entered.
12. I want someone to tell me how to record on Traktor (maybe I should look when sober?).
13. I want a decent thunderstorm, not just a thundery shower.
14. I want summer to return – but not until July as I have just done a weather forecast saying summer is over so I don’t want to look too stupid.
15. I want Maggie to be Prime Minister again.
16. I want to go to Cocoon opening at Amnesia on Monday.
17. I want to win the Euromillions jackpot.

Keep on dreaming, James.

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