If I Were American…

Firstly if I were American, I would emigrate to somewhere with more freedom.  Actually I would have guns. Lots of them.  Because I would have moved to Texas to be a wannabe professional storm-chaser and would shoot my guns in celebration every time I saw a twister touch down.  Yeeha – boom.  Another tree ripped up.  Halleluyah.

However I am not American, so thoughts must turn on who to vote for president and also hopefully influence all 2,391 previous American visitors to my blog to vote for the right man today, because apparently it is that close that even the likes of seasoned overseas political commentators like myself and Wayne Rooney could be the deciding factor in persuading the EDM-obsessed Americans to put down their glowsticks for just one day this week and vote rather than rave.

Recently, I’ve heard many people in this country say things like “it would be the end of the world if that moronic lunatic won the election” – I think that they are referring to Mr Romney. Given that these people are often left-leaning that is a call to me to think of reasons why Mr Romney would be the best result for America (and the rest of the world).

For a start, he is a very successful businessman. America is not France – it is actually a good thing to earn money and become rich in America.

He would be more likely to intervene in Syria and probably Mali which are both in danger of becoming failed states – he would also likely to be tougher on Russia which with a belligerent Mr Putin back in charge could be useful. However insisting on branding China a currency manipulator on his first day in charge is very dumb and may start a trade war which is the last thing the world needs. Also an attack on Iran arguably may be more likely given what Romney previously said (though he agreed with Obama’s approach in the final debate) and this is the last thing the Middle East needs when Iran may be about to crack under the weight of the current sanctions. Though I do not think Americans have the stomach for another war wherever it may be or whoever is in charge. Unless attacked.

Apparently Romney makes fun of ‘climate change’ Fantastic!

Generally Republicans believe in a smaller state and America’s state needs to reduce significantly but it really isn’t clear what his economic policy is. I do not believe that cutting taxes is what America needs right now – its top rate of tax is significantly lower than that of the UK already. Cutting spending is what is required.

Obama certainly won’t cut spending unless forced by the markets, but at least the economy has improved in the last 4 years with him in charge – including the rescue of the car industry (which I would not normally agree with) and also America has made huge progress in improving the balance sheets of its banks – unlike Europe.  Unemployment is down, a fraction less the UK at 7.8%.

Obama is weak in foreign affairs and hasn’t exactly improved relations with enemies, also he has vastly increased drone strikes which is a tad controversial – however he did get Osama. And he did extend coverage of healthcare to 40million mostly poor people that were without. Costly – but right.

I can only assume what policies Obama might persue from his last 4 years in charge as he didn’t actually say anything in his campaign about what he would do if he got another 4 years. However I am totally confused as to what Romney would do as he seems to have lots of conflicting policies depending on who he speaks to.

On balance – I would prefer another 4 years of Obama, despite a very negative election campaign – but only just. Had a more sensible Republican run and been nominated like Chris Christie, for example, then I would have gone for the more natural choice for a Conservative, of the Republican nominee.

It would however be hilarious to hear the lefties moan if Romney wins.

I wouldn’t however say it is a win-win situation, it is arguably more likely a lose-lose situation as I don’t think either will solve America’s major problems of the fiscal cliff, the deficit or the debt.

By the way, was one of Wayne Rooney’s granny prostitutes called Sandy or am I just making that up?

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