Police Commissioner Elections

I like voting.  Yes, I actually enjoy the process of voting and feeling that I am part of the democracy that we have that many billions of people across the world do not have.

I have to say that this government policy is not one I am especially convinced about, in fact I would have to say that I am sketpical about it.  However I do not know much about policing strategy and am willing to give it a chance.

I have had a quick look at the candidates for the local area, Thames Valley.  I have to say that they are all much of a muchness.

I would have much preferred the post of Police Commissioner to not be a political post, ie that political parties would not put up candidates.

However this is not the case.  So though I feel that I should vote an independent, I will not because I have to oppose the Labour candidate to vote for the Conservative candidate because I do not want Labour to have any form of power, although this is not the economy so how much damage could they do?

I see no way the government will do well out of this.  Very few people will vote (a friend of mine reported at midday that just 12 people had turned up to vote in the station she is manning), and those that do will probably be those unhappy with the socialists not being in power so the socialist BBC will tomorrow report at nobody voting and a load of Labour police commissioners.

I don’t really care who wins, I just don’t want to see the government that I support get a bloody nose about crime (which is going down significantly since the government came in, by the way).

So, assuming I can be bothered, I will be voting tonight.  I like being unique.

Oh and one more thing, why are voting places always in dodgy areas?  Is this to put off the middle or upper classes from voting, as they are more likely to vote Tory?  I smell another socialist conspiracy.

By the way, did you know that Labour won 35% of the popular vote in 2005 to win a majority in that general election, whilst Conservatives did not get a majority with 36% of the popular vote in 2010?  We may have free elections but we certainly do not have FAIR elections with this significant weighting to Labour due to smaller constituency sizes in working class areas.

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