The Infamous Cocoon Book

I had a request recently to upload the photos of the Cocoon book that several of us did back in 2009 (apologies for not doing it sooner but they were on an old phone and I have only just found the charger and cable to switch on and upload.  Actually that is bullshit, I was too busy partying, so thank Verizon for making me unemployed so I can do the things I have been meaning to do over the past few years).

The story goes that one night with a distinct lack of sobriety and arguably, sanity, I decided that it would be an excellent idea, because it was Cocoon Ibiza’s 10th anniversary, that I should write them some kind of book, to say thank you.

Why?  Why not, is the answer.

I mentioned the idea to my friend Ashley, and over the coming weeks, she designed the most excellent book (this is prior to the discovery of my artistic abilities) that I would not have been able to do myself.

And here is the finished article:

And yes, for those that don’t know, we got a response from Cocoon, signed by Sven saying “thanks for the great book!”.


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