Spending Just £67.50 A Week – Second Attempt

I was doing well this week – I set myself a target of £50 Monday to Friday, knowing that going to fabric alone on Saturday would account for more than £67.50 probably before I even got there (well, maybe not but knowing me!) so I wasn’t counting Saturday or Sunday but still wanted to try and £50 is approximately 5/7ths of £67.50.

As it stands today, I have spent £48.39.

This does not include approximately £40 spent on web hosting and domain names as they are investments and I long ago planned to buy them – my procrastination is the only reason that they were not purchased in 2011.  So they don’t count – agreed?  Good.

I was actually doing really well until yesterday when I woke up in a bit of a shitty mood and ended up buying two bottles of wine, a scratchcard and some comfort food – goodbye £18.  Totally unnecessary.  Idiot.

And today I had to get my haircut in time for an interview on Monday but I found a hot Polish lady who did me for £9.50 – bargain.

In my inimitable reasoning I think I have proved that it is doable – however it is Friday evening approaching and there is no way I am going to spend less than £1.61.

Close but no cigar.

Next week I will try again for £50 in 5 days!  I can do it…


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