Ipod Death

Well my ipod (yes I call it an ipod as most people don’t know what a Creative Zen is so I have to explain unless I call it an ipod) finally died yesterday after 2 years of heavy use.

So not only did I have to do part of the train journey back to Reading yesterday without music, I had to go to work this morning without music and in place I had banal conversations around me on the bus. Tonight I will have to go food shopping without music.

How will I survive? Bear in mind that I probably spend no more than an hour of my time awake on an average day without music.

Still I have purchased a new Creative Zen. Why, considering the last two broke after just 2 years of use? Why not an ipod? Well they are half the price. And allegedly have better sound quality. But I cannot use Facebook on them. Oh shit. Time to upgrade to a Smart-phone then.

Oh and I am rather anti-Apple as I don’t want to be part of the cool crowd. Never had an Apple product and still don’t need one. Not even an Iphone!

But how will I survive 2 hours a day without music?

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