James Tells The Tories To Chill Out Over Europe (And Other Bits)

Dear Sir

This kind of thing really doesn’t look good. It reminds me of Tony Blair.


Seriously – I am a conservative voter and I never ever want to see Labour back in power but that kind of stunt is just like giving them an open goal.

ps Apologies for not sending this to Number 10, but I did not get a reply from my previous attempt.

And can you chill out on the Europe thing please now especially in regards to making our leader’s job more difficult – we inherited a mess, no need to make it more of a mess.

Oh and finally, I think you will find a lot of young people are quite affectionate about Europe, so please don’t give us a bad name.

James Winfield


Dear Mr Winfield
I am replying on behalf of the Party Co-Chairman, Baroness Warsi, to thank you for your e-mail.
It is very good of you to get in touch and make us aware of your thoughts. Your feedback is noted and I will pass your comments on through our research department.
Thank you again for writing.
Yours sincerely,
Office of the Party Co-Chairmen
Good to see they are listening to me.
I might espouse Conservatism quite regularly but I am not afraid to say where they have gone wrong, and hiding something dodgy on a big news day smacks me of New Labour – and we all know where they got us.


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