James Upsets DJ Mag

Those of you that know me, know I like to write a good letter of complaint sometimes. The response I receive tends to show me what the company is made of, and its ability to serve its customers.

Recently I realised that I had stopped receiving my DJ Mag subscription. I was still being debited for it. And having realised that it has taken me 6 months of not receiving it for me to question it, I soon realised that I didn’t actually miss it, as I just used to gloss over it and throw the CD in the bin.

Either I have moved on, or DJ Mag has moved on, I don’t know, people change, organisations change.

So, after a bottle of JP Chenet wine or two (and they have also had an e-mail from me which I will share at some point soon as it could be a source of amusement), I wrote an e-mail which is a little less constructive than I perhaps normally would, but hey.


Dear Sir

I have been a subscriber to DJ Mag for some years now, and have only just noticed that I have not received an issue since February 2011.
I have not done anything to change my subscription or cancel it.
This is very disappointing.
However, after careful consideration, I realised that I am not actually missing it.
I never read that many of the articles, the music reviews were too dull to be of any use and the CDs are consistently shite…it seems almost as if the shit artists have paid you to promote them as they do not match the artists written about in the magazines.
And the constant wanking over technology is banal and misleading as there seems to be many blatant attempts to promote digital over vinyl.
The stupid DJ popularity poll is still quite funny though.
Anyway, I wish you well, you have served your purpose in my life and for that I am grateful.
I shall stick to my trusty Mixmag, and websites such as Resident Advisor.
Oh and I shall be checking my bank account to make sure that you still are not debiting me.
Kind regards


The response was



Love the email – You and Mixmag deserve each other.

Best wishes,



That quite amused me. I do realise that I should not have written it as though every artist they have had produce a CD for them is shit, that is not at all representative of me, that was the wine talking, the said artists are just not to my tastes, would have been more appropriate.  Joachim Garraud was the last DJ Mag CD I received, who comes from David Guetta’s school of music which is commercial fun, of which I don’t especially enjoy, but do appreciate what they do for the dance music scene, and he is not shit, he does his job very well from what I gather.

Mixmag had a CD-related rant off me a while back, maybe 18 months ago, and look who they have on this month’s CD…

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