Lent 2016

Every year I give up something profound for Lent.

I feel that it is important to show my humility and make a sacrifice on an annual basis.

In previous years, I have given up such delights as paper clips, French swear words and zebra crossings.

There was a year that I gave up semi-colons – which would have been a nightmare if I was learning how to code back then.

And last year I gave up eyebrow grooming.  A quarter of my eyebrow hairs grow twice as long as the others – I had proper old politician bushes by Easter.

Clearly I have thought long and hard as to what would be most suitable to give up for Lent this year.  It took quite some time to decide but I have decided to give up:

High 5’s.

Yes from now until Easter there will be no High 5’s.  You can offer me a High 5 but I cannot attempt to complete it.  I can offer you a High 5 but again, I cannot complete it.

Handshakes and High 10’s are fine.

Wish me well on my humble and profound sacrifice.

May I take this opportunity to thank Jesus, Moses Odubajo and Ronaldo for their continued inspiration throughout my life.

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