May Should Stay – For Now

My two main reasons for wanting a large Conservative majority on Thursday night were to #StopCorbyn and also as an up yours to the vile, nasty left-wing scumbags (not all lefties are scumbags, just like not all Brexiteers are racist).

Corbyn is not Prime Minister – albeit like typical socialist dictators, he seems to think he has won the election and should be Prime Minister instead.

Not only that, but Theresa May – my least favourite Conservative leader ever – a woman I have consistently criticised, compared to a mixture of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, and whom is generally ghastly, has had a metaphorical punch in the face.

The strategy of chasing the UKIP and soft-Labour vote has backfired, and totally vindicated my belief that you win elections from the centre.  Ignore the centre at your peril.  Ignore the liberal-minded at your peril.  Ignore the Thatcherites at your peril.

Further to that, Thursday night was a rejection of hard Brexit.  It was revenge of the remainers – the young folk that are generally still furious about Brexit had their moment.

Whilst I was disappointed and worried last night, now it has sunk in – I have come to realise that it is the perfect result for a liberal, free-market remain-supporting Thatcherite.

UKIP lost.  The SNP lost.  Brexit lost.  Theresa May lost.

Speaking of whom.

Theresa May is entirely culpable for losing this election, along with her now-sacked advisors and perhaps to an extent, Lynton Crosby.  Running such a negative, miserable campaign – avoiding the debates, rarely meeting any voters outside of stage-managed events.

Some credit is due for daring to take on difficult decisions such as how to fund social care – especially when against arguably the most deceitful opponent since democracy took hold in the United Kingdom – who promised to spend, spend, spend and give you everything you ever wanted.

However it was an utterly abysmal campaign by an autocratic technocrat – no more a leader than Corbyn is an economist.

Yet she should stay Prime Minister.  Everybody knows she is dreadful now.  During the next two years we are going to see unpopular, divisive Brexit negotiations, with a good chance of a Brexit-recession, and the likelihood of a rather unpopular government.

As long as she can run a government and get legislation passed, she should continue to be Prime Minister.  Because, why waste a new leader’s political capital on what is very likely to be two punishingly unpopular years of government.

Best to get the next two years of Brexit bullshit out of the way, then ensure that a true leader is put to the front of the Conservative Party – whether that be a popular, positive (albeit somewhat divisive) character like Boris Johnson, or a formidable tank-driving lesbian like Ruth Davidson.

To me, Ruth Davidson has for the last two years been the true star of British politics.  Not only is she a more moderate, palatable Conservative, but she is a warrior – and most importantly – a leader.

She really could be the best British Prime Minster in decades.  And boy might we need her in a couple of years.

Her time is soon.  Patience, my friends, patience.

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