No Deal Might Have Been Preferable

It has been amusing over the last 24 hours to see the incredible hypocrisy from Labour supporters over the deal with the DUP – I don’t recall such opprobrium over Gordon Brown attempting a deal with the DUP in 2010, nor do I recall any Corbynistas disowning themselves from a potential deal with Sinn Fein.

Then a complete packet of lies, with the Corbynistas suggesting that there was £1.5bn going straight to the DUP.  The money doesn’t go to the DUP – it will be spent on infrastructure, health, education, etc, and the extra amount going to Northern Ireland is actually £1bn.

Followed by the biggest joke of all – Corbynista comrades suggesting the money is coming from the magic money tree.  So says the party of large unnecessary deficits from 2001 to 2007, with the most unrealistic, dangerous manifesto ever that even Ed Balls confirms would cost the British taxpayer significant sums.  About as fully-costed as a certain someone is strong and stable.

Speaking of whom, didn’t she look uncomfortable when unveiling the deal yesterday?  Oh yeah, she always does.

I cannot say I am comfortable with it either.

The £1bn is just the tip of the iceberg – the unfair, arbitrary 2.5% increase in pensions stays, as does Richard Branson’s winter fuel allowance.  Targets for balancing the budget are being forgotten.

It seems that we are now going to see the effects of a rising opposition.  In recent years, we have seen the damage from a rise in UKIP popularity – a referendum leading now to Brexit.  Now I fear that we are going to see the effects of temporary socialist popularity – the people are apparently fed up of the government trying to live within our means and would like to expand the budget deficit and accelerate the increase in debt – because Corbyn has told them they can have everyone’s cake and the rich will pay for it.

Not only are we now going to have to contend with a potential Brexit recession/slowdown this year, I expect that we are now going to see some form of unaffordable populist spending commitments from the Conservative Party, say for example, pay rises for public sector workers.

I cannot see the deficit falling further this year.  I also cannot see a surplus before the next decent recession, nor a reduction in the debt to GDP ratio.

Only the Labour Party want another election.  The DUP don’t want a Sinn Fein-supporting Labour Party in charge.  The Liberal Democrats need a new leader – and a new direction if they are to compete.  The SNP are close to being in freefall and the last thing they will want is another election.  Leave voters won’t want to put Brexit in any further jeopardy.

We didn’t need to do this deal.  We didn’t need to commit to further unnecessary spending.  We didn’t need to work with those with questionable views on abortion, etc.

But it is what it is.  Anything is better than socialism and the nasty, vile, left-wing bullies getting control.

Just remember – there still isn’t any money.  Your portion of the government debt currently stands around £28,000.

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