So Ibiza is over for another year and I’m heading back to work tomorrow.

I have no money and I just worked out that I have drunk alcohol on 20 consecutive days – my body feels like it too, albeit I have actually lost weight…there may be one or two reasons for that too.

Further to that I have 33 days to find somewhere new to live.

Therefore it is minisemidetoxtime.

The rule is as follows:

Only one pint allowed per week, until both the end of July AND when I have found somewhere to live.  So if I haven’t found anywhere to live until 8th August, I cannot drink any more than one pint per week until that date.  Also it should go without saying that no caffeine or other stimulants are allowed.

It’s a mini-detox – hopefully just under two weeks.  And a semi-detox as I am allowing myself one beer per week.  My body and bank balance both require it.

The most important task over the next month or so is finding somewhere to live.

I have almost definitely settled on moving to Bracknell.  I don’t want to – my heart is in Reading – but I’ll save £130 on travel to work (slightly mitigated by occasional trips to Reading), plus it’s around £50 a month cheaper to rent there, and the housing stock is generally newer.  I did get lucky on my current place.

Crucially though, I’ll save up to 2 hours travelling every day.  That is 10 extra hours every week that I can spend studying, practice my DJing.  Or sleep.  I won’t have to wake up at 6am (or sometimes earlier).  I’ll be able to sleep in until 730am if I’m really tired.

Bracknell won’t be a bed of roses but it will help me in my life in general, and achieve my number one goal which is to be a web developer – living in Ibiza.

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