Room For Frustration

No this is not about my sex life, I got over that type of frustration roughly after the birth of Jesus Christ, or Jeremy Corbyn, as some people seem to believe.

I found three rooms that I liked.  None of them perfect but I liked them enough.

I spent a few days thinking about them and then put an offer in to the one that made most sense.


Then I asked about the other one I liked.


Then the 3rd favourite.

Not letting it out now.

Brilliant.  So I am back to square one.

I didn’t really enjoy yesterday.  I woke up with a semi-hangover, found out all the rooms I liked had gone and had a really frustrating day’s studying.  I couldn’t really get into anything and felt tired all day.

Last week was really tiring with all of the room-hunting – getting up at 6am, getting home at 8pm, some lunch times involving walks to see rooms.  All I did except work, commute and look for rooms was cook and eat.

So I had a massive backlog of admin, cleaning, ironing, etc yesterday – and now I have to repeat the process this week.  FFS.

On the bright side, I did make myself a rather excellent gravy.

Using the cider that the pork belly and onions were slowishly cooked in (slow for my standards), I added wholegrain mustard (albeit too much) and of course, some Goldenfry granules and it was a taste sensation.

If anything, a little too tasty.

And I am going to have a little adventure in the sunshine this afternoon.  And a third roast dinner in three days.

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