Mission To Leeds

I am expecting this mission to be somewhat interesting, to say the least.

I am not going with everything I wanted, nor am I going with everyone I wanted.

In fact, I am going by myself.  I am going to a foreign town without any of my 5 or so friends, or is that 50 or so?  Their loss…

Leeds isn’t really foreign, even though I am from Hull – sworn enemies when it comes to football.

Leeds is cool though, and Reading should really take notice.  Not for the identikit Topman/Topshop 80% of it, but for the difference to the usual – Reading does have plenty of the different, but the lack of a daily newspaper and the general lack of interest in the area in what is going on, let it down.

I know Reading has often been known as a drinker’s town, but I dearly wish that it would branch out and find other areas…a bit like the Matrix days…

Oh well, 3am, I better slowly start thinking about walking through the masses and getting to Shoreditch for my coach.

Enjoy your boring days – I am dancing to Sven Vath & Ricardo Villalobos…although it took me 4 attempts to spell them correctly.

The next day or so could be interesting.  fabric on Saturday anyone?  Bus drops off at 3am…I have nothing better to do…do you?

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