James Went To Wimbledon…Or Was It South Africa

Firstly, I would like to offer a few tips

1. Never drive through Wimbledon when the tennis final’s are on.
2. If you are embarking on a roadtrip of an hour or two, empty your bladder beforehand.
3. If you are embarking on a roadtrip of an hour or two on a warm day, take some water.
4. If you are not in control of the music in a vehicle, do not sit directly next to a speaker.
5. If you happen to be in Wimbledon, go to Chakalaka restuarant.  In fact, make the effort to go if you are anywhere nearby.
6. Groupon sucks.  Because the restaurant had a loud of Groupon people visiting it the night before – there were no snails for me.

Don’t take any notice of the menu on the website – it didn’t resemble the menu’s on the table.

For starters I just had garlic bread.  Yeah I know it is about as adventurous as having chips with fish, but I did want the snails and it is Groupon’s fault I couldn’t have them, so don’t point your finger of accusation at me.  It was well presented though – the chicken wing was my addition.

For the main meal, I had the Kudu, which is a type of Antlelope available in South Africa.  It came with big fat chip things (well it was supposed to come with some dodgy type of mash potato with stuff in it, too scary for me) and green beans and some leaves and a little sauce of some description which I have forgotten.

It was probably the nicest meal I have had all year.  Absolutely delicious.  I also tried some of JP’s steak and that was fantastic but not as good as the Kudu – definitely recommend it.

The minibus back only took an hour, half of the time and then onto a party at the birthday boy’s, Martin (who is from South Africa, hence the trip to a South African restaurant).

A supremely enjoyable evening, night and morning followed, with some fantastic people, half who were really good friends and half who were random to me but all cool people to speak to…whilst talking was possible anyway.

Definitely made up for the lack of excitement the weekend before – roll on Cocoon In The Park this week – rain and someone gets hurt.

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